How the modern executives dress? Gear inspiration for success stories creators!

Here is a nice style guide to go to the office or to create the smart work outfits you need to continue making it happen! 

This is the modern business gear that you were looking for, the men's essential pieces for success stories creators! 



For corporate meetings, looks as professional as you are, as perfect as you are!

Dress like a modern CEO, and remember that you are more powerful than you already know mate!








Must-have shirts colors for modern executives are light grey, light blue, black and white. These colors work perfectly for everybody.

Must-have pants colors would be black, navy blue, grey, white and nude or brown.  Have fun mixing and matching these pants with all kind of shoes/sneakers and casual or formal shirts.

Must-have suit colors are black, chalk stripe, light grey, navy blue, pastel colors, off-white and wine.

Add new colors and styles according to your personality and what you want to communicate!  It's very important to dress your OSOP (Own Style of Perfection).


Dress like a modern executive to go to work, not like a replica of your grand father when the suit was wore for the first time in the 19th century. 

It is priceless to feel confortable, fresh and always elegant at work.   Try to layer with suit jackets and trench coats, oversize pieces and more.

  Model: @Roby / Check out the photoshoot in our Instagram!

You need to dress formal, but not to look boring! 

  Model: @Erik / Check out the photoshoot in our Instagram!
  Model: @Andy / Check out the photoshoot in our Instagram!

You need to look formal, but also stylish!

  Model: @Red / Cliclk on the picture to see more

You need to look formal, but also cool and classy!

  Model: @Fabio / Check out the photoshoot in our Instagram!

Easily mix and match these pieces to create lots of office outfits, these are definitely must-have clothes for a professional and modern men's style.



Get new styles with us, if we don't have the piece you need we will immediately create it for you.  And please remember to donate all the clothes you don't use from your closet, those that don't let you feel the way you want!

Your OSOP (Own Style Of Perfection) is super important, we can help you to create in our factory the additional pieces that you need to rock your modern executive style!  

Where you asking yourself what should I wear for work in 2020?  here is some additional inspiration!  


Shop the looks, just click on the link below/







Looks de inspiración para ejecutivos modernos, para creadores de historias de éxito!  las mejores camisas y pantalones para el ejecutivo moderno en Colombia!






Looks de inspiração para o executivo moderno, para criadores de historias de sucesso!



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