Latest style guide form men! Which is your OSOP (Own Style of Perfection)?

The most important thing when talking about men's style is that you communicate who you are or who you want to be!  and it is very important that you feel confortable with the look, that's the key of success when dressing any look! Enjoy this style guide for guys and subscribe to get access to ones that are coming!

Some tips before we talk about some style:

* Be an intelligent consumer, it's better to buy few high quality clothes than to buy a lot of fast fashion clothes that are going to be useless in only a couple of months.

* Check out all the clothes you have on your wardrobe and only keep the pieces that make you fell good, donate all the other pieces.

* Get special, timeless and unique clothes, accesories, bags and sneakers to mix and match with your 

Here are some styles that men is loving these days!



Yes, it's important to dress according to the time, to the moment.   It's important to be present in the now , for that we need to dress according to our times.

Layering and mixing and matching clothes with different colors and patters are a nice way to get that modern look!

Mix your blazers, and coats with casual and minimalist outfits, it looks irresistible.

Embrace technical fibers and new designs to communicate your OSOP.



Comfort and functionality are kings when talking about Athleisure style. 

When we work or study and we love to train everyday, we need Athleisure clothes. 

The idea is simple, just to mix and match casual, sports luxe and athleisure style.  Atheisure means the perfect match between Athletic and Leasure clothes, enjoy it! 

This is a trend that men love and it works perfectly for weekends and for casual looks!

Check out our casual trousers, perfect to mix with the athleisure T-shirts that we have made specially for you! Grab your favorite pieces and mix them with sneakers and casual bags to build your OSOP (Own Style of Perfection)!



Create a sophisticated looks adding some classic styles and prints.  Mix and match  antique and vintage clothes with modern clothes to get a heritage and cool style.

What's Heritage style? Something that comes from the past, property that is inherited.  In fashion, it's totally opposite to fast fashion!  Heritage style is atemporal, are pieces that look today as rad as they did when they were made.




It feels good to be a conscious consumer, to be part of the sustainability movement.

Organic style refers to looks composed by clothes  made with eco-friendly materials and fair trade production.

Which are your ethical standards?  are you op to enjoy the organic / earth lover style?

Men that shows interest for the future generations just can't be sexier.



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