Workout tips and activewear for men!

The most important time in your life, is the time you spend in yourself! Right? yeahhh totally!

Here are some tips to keep yourself healthy, even while staying at home.

1) Stay Fit

Practice frequently the sports or activities that you love the most; or train at home. Check out our Top 5 of amazing training / workout session for men on YouTube:  

   * Fraser Wilson

   * Official Thenx

   *The Body Coach TV

   * The Fitness Marshal / Pride dancing

   * Six Pack Abs , ... 

    please comment with more channels that you recommend.  Share share share!

    We all can get super hero body shape through body workout, cardio, dancing, yoga, weights or with the routine / sport  that you prefer.

Regarding the clothes that look the best for men doing exercise or practicing sports; functionality, comfort and technical fiber are very importante features to look for! 

There is nothing better than feeling sexy, confortable and stylish when doing exercise, so make sure you check out this selection!

2) Spend time on the sunlight ☀️ 

Our body needs Vitamin D, it's important to take sun baths whenever you can.  It's good for your bones, muscles, blood pleasure and brain.

To get some minutes of sunlight also help to decrease depression and to improve sleep quality.

Spending time under the sun is very helpful to be happier, increase your light, decrease toxicity on the body, boost immune system and to clean your thoughts for more positive ones.

Bring some skin protector in case you are going to get a long exposure, and enjoy without limits!


3) Eat well 🥗

Try to go organic, as much as possible!

Enjoy the kind of diet that works the best for you!  Our body is super wise so we need to hear it and give it what it needs!

Cook more and increase the quantity of fresh food that you eat! 

Eat good carbs and protein, not no carb and protein;  and include in your diet a wide variety of grains, vegetables and fruits so you can get all the vitamins you need.

Decreasing the quantity of sugar, saturated fat and salt is always very welcome for your body.   

Stay well hydrated by drinking a lot of water, your body and skin will be thankful.

Substitute snacks in package for fruits, almonds, pistachios, nuts, ... , seeds,...


 4) Meditate o practice Mindfulness

You need to be on the right state of mind in order to achieve your higher potential.

Wear some athleisure  or leisure clothes and enjoy every minute.

Observe your breath, be conscious about your breath!  Connect with the present, do it through the senses (sight, smell, touch, smell and sound).

Live with love, do what you love, and get connected with the flow.

The world needs you to be happy and well,  meditating frequently and being mindful helps a lot!

Take a walk on the nature and remember to do one thing at the time, with full focus!

Fell the joy and perfection that is within yourself.


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